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"For me, music is a vehicle to bring our pain to the surface, getting it back to that humble and tender spot where, with luck, it can lose its anger and become compassion again."
~Paula Cole

Music touches us. It reaches beyond the ordinary, past the basic functions of everyday life to the extraordinary where it speaks to the soul. Music wraps us up and carries us to places both familiar and unfamiliar.

We bring to our music our experiences, our knowledge, our present and past feelings and attitudes. How and when we are touched by a musical phrase is revealed as we remain open to its wonders.

This requires a willingness to let go of the past, to be in the moment, to release ourselves from any expectations, and to accept things as they are. Engaging with the music in this way develops an intimacy with it- a connection that feeds the soul and adds meaning to life.

Just as developing the skills and technique to play a musical instrument requires time, patience, and practice, so, too, does learning to be open to the moment and acquiring the tools to be present. Practice is necessary to be able to let go of negative self-talk and to either release performance anxiety or to put it to more productive use. An intimate relationship is necessary to understand one’s feelings and how thoughts may simply be thoughts or may or may not carry the truth. This path to a deeper relationship with oneself requires dedication and deep listening.

Mind Your Music Program

Musicians, like athletes, are required to be fully present- engaged with the music, the ensemble and the audience. Just like physical exercise strengthens the body, mindfulness increases focus and attention, helps remove distractions or barriers to creativity or expression, develops self-regulation skills, and teaches one to be present in the moment. Athletes use mindfulness to be at the top of their game…and you can, too.

Performance Enhancement Program

Performance anxiety is something every musician faces. While some level of stress is motivating, stress can also easily hinder efforts and derail a performance. By becoming aware of thoughts and reframing stress, the mind can be used to help work with anxiety and fear instead of fighting against it or running from it. This training helps reduce stress by developing awareness, increasing focus, and learning to relax the body and mind.


Don't have time for a full program? We also offer short presentations that can act as an introduction to mindfulness and how it applies to music.

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