MUSIC & Mindfulness

by Sierra Mindfulness

Training the whole musician

Sierra Mindfulness offers programs to improve performance through the development of skills such as focus and concentration, self-regulation, self-awareness, and the ability to work with negative thoughts and distractions.

Mindfulness is defined as “non-judgmental moment to moment awareness.”

It is a paying attention on purpose in order to see, feel and experience the present moment.


Mindfulness practices develop self-awareness, sustained attention (which leads to “flow”), and the ability to deal with the effects of performance anxiety to improve and enhance performance.

Music Educators

Add mindfulness training to your classrooms to help your students, as professional development to help your colleagues, or to a workshop or conference to help your peers.


Bring mindfulness to the podium to establish a deeper connection to the music and the ensemble, to gain a wider perspective, and to let go of tension and stress.


Presentations are a great way to introduce mindfulness to your group, clinic, symposium or session. Topics are specific to each audience and presentation length can be adjusted to fit allocated time.